Sunday, February 25, 2007


Coming Soon!

I've been talking about this concept with some people over at and there is some interest in it. I've been doing some work on this project and the 2BuxMall (as in "tube bucks) will be opening soon! We're changing the name from YouTubeMall because this will be open to anyone who makes videos on any service.

Everyone will be able to make their own customizable Store Page. Each page can have different modules. Please follow this link to see the kinds of things you will be able to do with YOUR 2BuxMall Store:

Almost everything you see on the page is customizable. You can customize:
The background picture
The color scheme
Whether to show a Module or not
Whether a Module is in the left or right column
All Module description text
All pictures
Your video "commercial" for your store.

Here is a list of the Modules that you can put in YOUR Store:
About: With one picture and text about you and your store
PayPal: A PayPal button to your account with a text description
Links: A list of links to anything you want
VIDEO: One video (we can host it if you want) with text description, that tells about your store and what you're selling. Basically, it's like your own TV commercial for your own e-store.
Pictures: A list of pics of things you are selling, each with text description
Custom HTML: Anything you want. Put it in the left column, right column, or in the footer. I have put mine in the footer and have included Google and Amazon ads. You can put any or all of the above Modules on your page. The only mandatory one is "About" which always goes in the upper left corner. Soon, you will have a chance to create YOUR OWN store and customize it however you choose. There will be a "Mall Directory" page which will make it easy to find out who has stores in the Mall. Oh, and by the way, this Mall does not charge rent. (This is actually a small part of a larger project I'm working on where Members can sell their videos if they have nothing else to sell.... more, later...)

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